Sugar is Poison

Published:  January 12, 2017

Research now exists illustrating that sugar, in every form, is poison. Insofar as you do, and have, consumed sugar it has been, and still is, literally killing you. This seductive substance is responsible for a manifold group of pernicious, and deadly, diseases and maladies.

There is no question that every product containing sugar should have a warning label, exactly like cigarettes do today. Yes, sugar is that bad.

Why does the ruling class put sugar into just about every food and beverage product that it manufactures? So you'll be hooked and purchase as much of a given product as possible, of course. By "hooked" I refer principally to a generally irresistible attraction to the taste and satisfaction of a sugared food or beverage product, although were I to learn that this or that element within the ruling class found satisfaction in, and even capitalized on, the physically addictive quality of sugared foods and beverages, it wouldn't surprise me.

Food and beverage manufacturers put sugar in their products for the same reason that the most ignoble street drug dealer wants you addicted:  profit. Indeed, as you begin to study capitalism, which we must though most people do not, you begin to realize that the space between the ruling class, including--and especially--our most vaunted global corporations, and a band of immoral common thugs or a Mafia, is a lot thinner than most people think.

Lest you forget, capitalism, our global socio-economic system, is based on profit. This fact, combined with the symbiotic fact that there is no real ethic of Love in the world, means that any human impulse, including the tendency to become addicted to a substance or experience, is fair game for exploitation by the capitalist class. It will exploit such impulses in order to produce, maintain, and indeed increase profit. Forget, ignore, or reject this immutable reality, and you'll live your life with the most darkly-tinted of rose-colored glasses. If you're the average person, you already are.

Happily, indeed mercifully, there is a permanent, structural solution to this problem:  begin working to recast the basis of our global society away from profit and ego.

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