Published:  April 15, 2020.


Earlier years saw my tremendous enjoyment of the Howard Stern Show, at that time broadcast terrestrially (i.e. conventionally, not using satellites) on WNBC Radio AM. Later years saw the show move to satellite radio.

As I was fond of saying at the time, if I didn't listen to Howard and his sidekick Robin Quivers, my day was simply not complete--and I wasn't kidding. His interminable stream of creative and zany humor was addictive, and simply very, very funny, and I was a first-class addict, not unhappily.

As I listened over the years, however, I couldn't help but notice that Howard would sometimes ridicule or otherwise use as fodder for humor sober events, typically describing pain of one sort or another experienced by a person or group. The realization began to dawn on me that if Mr. Stern continued such behavior, it was possible, likely probable, that my fidelity to this program notwithstanding, I'd have to discontinue listening.

The sad and infamous date of January 28, 1986 saw that presentiment actualized:  Mr. Stern actually mocked or enhumored (treated, used, or turned into something funny) the mid-air explosion of the United States space shuttle Challenger, killing all seven astronauts aboard. I heard him do it. By the way, Mr. Stern owes a grave apology to a number of persons, and perhaps to America, herself, for his on-air behavior.

I now find myself experiencing a similar increasing alienation phenomenon in regard to Guardian Angels founder and media personality Curtis Sliwa, whom I've been listening to happily for, perhaps, fifteen years now.

Mr. Sliwa, for some time now, has been dispensing medical advice on his program, largely in the form of full-throated on-air endorsements of commercial products and services. As a health educator I've been uncomfortable with what appears to be the ill-founded information being conveyed--information that is very likely compromising the health of a very large number of people, and probably leading to their eventual death.

I largely sat on that discomfit, however--until now. Because now this gentleman is dispensing the most explicitly dangerous viewpoint of all: it is medically unnecessary, he aggressively asserts, and indeed politically undesirable, for the citizenry to be masked, as wisely ordered by the governors of New Jersey, New York, and other states. The likely erosion of health of thousands, if not millions of people, perpetrated by this loud-mouthed egotist through his bogus health advice, such as the assertion that taking pills, the Balance of Nature product that Curtis hawks 24 hours a day, is the nutritional equivalent, if not superior, to actually consuming whole fruits and vegetables, pales in comparison to his present perspective regarding masking.

Sliwa also said, on May 14, 2020 at 244 pm, on his WABC Curtis & Juliet radio program, and I quote, "Join the resistance, don't put that mask on." I failed to hear his word or two prior to this utterance, so its possible that he was quoting someone else, and not proffering his own sentiment--but I don't think so.

As far as I'm concerned, Curtis Sliwa is a would-be murderer. His other charitable work, notable as it may be, cannot balance or compensate for the injury his point-of-view is, and will, do to some unspecified number of persons who will fall victim to the coronavirus, as someone in their physical proximity who is infected has elected to refrain from wearing a mask because of Curtis, whether rooted in his explicit anti-masking advice, or simply the anti-masking tenor of his remarks, generally.

The shift in my attitude toward Curtis Sliwa occurred, I believe, on April 14th, 2020. I was discomfited the day before, April 13th, by his commentary, but it was his remarks (and his aggressive, categorically paranoiac, wild-eyed delivery) of the 14th that saw me shift my attitude toward him. Other of my criticisms of him, see below, went into my decision, as well. Figuring significantly into my change of view was his recount of his engaging in an offensive, hurtful, and vulgar display involving the middle digit of the hand toward his local shop owner. The transgression committed by that store owner to elicit the display of middle finger from Mr. Sliwa? The shop owner requested that Mr. Sliwa don a face mask in his store--as required by law. Which of course begs the question:  why wasn't Curtis masked, already, upon entering the gentleman's establishment?

This true story, in concert with Mr. Sliwa's grossly egotistical, irrational, clearly paranoiac, fatally counterproductive, and indeed utterly ludicrous on-air rant on the same or a close date catalyzed my shift in perspective on this man, likely irrevocably. This turn as sound was confirmed by his similarly twisted remarks of subsequent days, partially presented in further entries, below.

Relatedly, in yet another clear illustration of Mr. Sliwa's incompetence in matters of health, he does not oppose the legalization of dope, as I understand it, a position that can best be characterized with one of his own signature phrases:  on this issue, Mr. Sliwa "...couldn't be more hopelessly wrong."

It Gets Worse

It should also be noted that much of Curtis' on-air shtick is based on ridicule, emasculation, and purile personal insult, exemplified, for example, in his signature insult for Democratic Mayor Bill de Blasio, "the dope from Park Slope." Every single time that Mr. Sliwa refers to Mayor de Blasio of New York City he uses this insulting, disrespectful, and inappropriate language that actually comprises an indictment of himself as a crass and juvenile bully, rather than an indictment of the Mayor. I write this, by the way, as a conservative who wouldn't vote for a Democrat if you paid me, as, for one thing, support for the murderous and reprehensible procedure of abortion is an article of faith among Democrats.

Soundness of Masking Technique

In formally stating the obvious, The New York Times, in a ?? article entitled What's the Best Material for a Mask, states:

"...any face covering is better than none, especially if worn by a person who has the virus but doesn’t know it."

The salutary and protective logic of masking is so clear as to be transparent: if every person is masked, it becomes physically impossible for the virus to spread--thus not merely curbing infection, but actually ending the pandemic. That Curtis Sliwa cannot--or will not--get this, should scuttle his 2021 candidacy for Mayor of New York City.

Curtis Sliwa.

In some measure, a wolf in red satin sheep's clothing.

April 17, 2020


6:17 pm

Several hours ago, around 2:30 pm, I called the radio show of media personality Curtis Sliwa and Juliet Huddy, first apprising Curtis of the respect I have for him, for the good work that he does, but then telling him that, as regards his medical advice that he continually dispenses on the program every day, in four key areas, in the context of the present pandemic the information he's promulgating about masking is dangerous and misleading.

He hung up on me.

Listen to the full exchange, such as it was.

NOTE: Quality of sound file is mediocre. Recommend use of good-quality headphones when listening.

April 27, 2020


1:50 pm

For the last five minutes Sliwa has been ostracizing and mocking persons trying to follow both the law and common sense and remain masked. This is not to say that his entire analysis is incorrect, but in the main it is, and the actual or larger problem here is that the overall tenor of his remarks is one of rebuke and ridicule of persons attempting to obey the law: he refers to them as "sheep," complete with radio-style sound effects of a bleating sheep.

His remarks are preposterous and paranoiac, and may be causing injury or death, as he dishes out his daily dose of ridicule toward the people trying to obey both the law and commons sense, and remain masked and cooperative with authorities.

Curtis is systematically eviscerating any good he is, or has, done for people through the establishment of the Guardian Angels protection force, and his recent efforts to assist the homeless during the pandemic. His interminable commercial refrain that everyone, including and especially older persons and the elderly obtain their vitamins and minerals by taking pills, the multi-nutrient product he constantly hawks, instead of actually consuming fruit and vegetables, was bad enough, likely robbing persons of proper sources of nutrition.

Now, however, Mr. Sliwa's rotten health advice has grown by one or more full orders of magnitude, in his continuing aggressive public ministrations against masking. As far as I'm concerned, Curtis has now devolvedc to the status of would-be murderer, and should be charged with a crime.

May 07, 2020


1:19 pm

On his daily WABC Radio program, Sliwa just recounted that he sees people masked while driving their vehicles, by themselves, and refers to them as "knuckleheads and gavones," direct quote, for doing so, and further describes how he will actually go up to such a person, only a male, however, and ostracize them, asking, "Are you a gavone"?

He decries the advice of the various health and political authorities on the question of masking, implying that this is why he won't mask:  there is conflicting or changing information. Evidently Mr. Sliwa doesn't trust himself either--why can't he use his intellect to assess the various pro-masking guidelines and obey accordingly?

May 08, 2020


10:51 am

About an hour or more ago a female caller in Bolognia, Italy, identifying herself as "native New Yorker," remarked, among other things, that in Italy, because the situation was so severe, people were masking readily in consideration of their neighbors, not because of a government mandate.

Mr. Sliwa, and persons of similar mind, could take their cue from the Italians.

May 22, 2020


12:23 pm

app 12:12 pm fri May 23, 2020, sliwa mocking ppl who are reluctant to permit residents of new york city into their locales. and states that this weekend he's going to both ?? and point pleasant nj specifically to break the law and get arrested--yes, thats what he's stating, and he's done it before, stating that eh's going to take a full-body swim at the beach at point pleasant, for the express purpose of getting arrested.

addy, appy sliwa's ugliness is influencing his on-air sidekick. fex, at 1214 pm fri May 23, 2020, huddy attempting to say "dope from park slope" in unison with sliwa, actually verbally shadowed his insult dfpslope, nor, ufly, is this the first time ive heard her joining sliwa in hurtful and offensive remarks abotu the mayor or others.

It just ocrd to me that for quite a while upon hearing sliwa refer to de blasio as "comrade" de blasio--wait a minute--just now, 1224 pm, sliwa said that when the police approach him while swimming and ask for his ID, he's going to respond, "F-YOU AND MURPHY TOO." That's a quote.

"As i was saying, for qute a whiel upon hearing sliwa refer to de blasio as comrade de blasio i thought it was cute, a kind of mild, good-natured conservative dig at a liberal politician. now, however, as my knowledge, and thus understandiing of, this man has sharply deepened, i realize that this is a mis-characterization. the remark, falling on the less-injurious side of the sliwa-statement continuum, is actually one of many hurtful, injurous, insulting, and offesive remarks and behaviors coming from the ugly mind of this man.

12:46 pm, Sliwa pronounced comatose as CAM uh tose. (Also heard him acknowledge several months ago something along the lines of, he does not read books).

12:46 pm: in response to a male caller making a suggestion about somtehing he thinks sliwa should do, sliwa responds, in part, "I'm a man's man." Maybe this is the, or one of the, reasons that he flouts the law so readily--he thinks that it represents manliness--it doesn't. It only represents stupidity and lack of concern for other people.

Even if he thinks this insolence represented masculinity--does he imagine that his almost-always accompanying insult

June 30, 2020


This imbecile must be allergic to intelligence and common sense, bcs on june 30, 2020, at "249 pm, a caller, Larry, was well-spoken, making perfect sense about the necessity of permitting a group of persons, whom know each other, all feeling well, to take a calculated risk and eat together in a restaurant if they want to, provided, andgiven, that patrons are sitting one table away from each other."

Abruptly, for no apparent reason (perhaps time) Sliwa interrupted him, babbling something, the f irst few seconds of whih were unintelligable, but followd by Sliwa irascibly snarling "What do you know, Larry?"

Sliwa's brusque interruption followed by some kind of errant response, were discernible and further testament to the fact of the deleterious presence of this individual on the American, metropolitan, and indeed world, scene.

And he continues to excoriate Governor Murphy and Cuomo for their common-sense, cautious, and leading strategy for reducing the presence of the coronavirus in their states, and continuing to ensure that rates stay low, as rates resurge in the rest of the country, especially Florida, Texas, Tennessee, and California.

July 02, 2020


12:50 pm

Sliwa remarking on-air that some of the people coming to ny from other states will not want to cooperate with the NJ/NY 14-day quarintine, "for whatever reason."

Well, Mr. Sliwa, maybe the reason is that they've been unduly and, indeed, perniciously influenced by your continuing on-air rants and ongoing diatribe against persons electing to follow the official government rules to bring down coronavirus rates.

Ya, think?

1:08 pm

He just stated that he remains of the opinion that the development of herd immunity is what will save humanity from the coronavirus, as any other measures may or may not work out.

1:46 pm

Discussion of Gov. Murphy's own masking behavior during the pandemic, Mr. Sliwa remarked,

"I want to believe everything bad about Murphy."

1:48 pm

Caller repeated Sliwa's extended insult in Italian to the Cuomos.

July 06, 2020


App. 12:30 pm

In speaking with caller Debbie, a N.J. topless dancer, Sliwa remarks to her that Governor Murphy thinks that New Jerseyans are "knuckleheads," presumably referring to the various restrictions that remain emplaced in the state. He repeats this charge and use of that word, again, either during Debbie's call, or just afterward.

If Curtis had a brain in his head, he'd realize that it's these very restrictions, and the intellegent compliance with them by New Jerseyans, that are responsible for the sharp swing downward in Coronavirus cases and deaths in the garden state, in sharp contrast to the alarming and decided upswing across fully half the country.

With every successive word out of his mouth, Curtis illustrates to the world just how stupid he is, any other strengths or virtues of his, notwithstanding.

July 09, 2020


1:38 pm

Sliwa is absent today, the show hosted by co-host Juliet Huddy, and control-room operator/otherwise host Rich Valdez. At 1:38 pm they made mention of Governor Andrew Cuomo, Valdez calling him "governer evil eyes Cuomo," an insult coming right from Sliwa himself, who strikes with it, constantly, then calling him aonther name, that I forgot, then calling him "governor scarface," stating with evident pride that this was his own new name for the governor, all three names proferred in quick succession over about ten seconds by Valdez.

So Sliwa's on-air insult toward Andrew Cuomo influencing Huddy, as chronicled, above, now Valdez, and of course his assanine refusal to wear a mask, that, along with the other two members of the three stooges, Bolsonaro and the head Imbecile, himself, Donald Trump, who all refuse to wear a mask and have shown little but public disdain for doing so, likely influencing an incalculable number of persons to act in a similarly irresponsible and indeed murderous fashion, by not wearing masks.

July 13, 2020


2:12 pm

Another point of note is Curtis' compromised use of language, as displayed at this moment, 2:12 pm, by something he said

"...the point being is..."

I've heard him use this disjointed language, before.

Then at 2:15 pm, he stated, of Bill Nye the Science Guy, after listening to Mr. Nye passionately advocating for the wearing of masks, "...he gets so exercised..." What Mr. Sliwa meant to say, was, he gets so

2:18, discussing masks, Sliwa continues to throw up the initial uncertainty or incorrect advice coming from health authorities as a straw man to support the conclusion that we shouldn't be wearing masks, today. Juliet Huddy, sporting a fully-functioning brain, continues to counter his view, getting nowhere, as no point she makes regarding the necesssity to mask, is ever accepted by Sliwa. He simply uses everything and anything she does as a springboard to make yet another ultimately irrevelant point, supporting his notion that masking is unnnecessary or unwise. Thus is there a pointless circularity to the exhange between Curtis and Juliet, as she continually provides him the low-hanging fruit in why masking is necessary that he always ultimately rejects.

Curtis Sliwa may be intelligent, its hard to determine based on his on-air behavior, but he is an apparent congenital contrarian.

i cant take this guy any more--he is a complete imbecile

2:23, he says, on this topic, "the experts are full of bullfeathers."

One has to wonder how long Juliet Huddy, a woman with a properly-functioning brain, is going to debase herself by remaining at this particular media post.

2:40 pm

im turning this guy off.

I'm just about at my Howard Stern point with this man.

October 08, 2020


2:33 pm

Sliwa just laughingly said that he, himself, has put money into some kind of betting pool that he'd be the first person at the station, WABC, to develop the coronavirus. His co-host Juliet Huddy retorted by laughingly saying she'd be the second, and a male there then laughingly volunteered that he'd be the third.

Well, a**hole, if you (Curtis) is engaging in behaviors so egregious that this could happen, maybe you should discontinue that behavior.

238 pm

He's now again hawking his quack remedy Balance of Nature.


Rudolph Giuliani

I'll pen a word or two about Rudolph Giuliani, as well, as he's now hosting a short daily show on WABC-Radio, the same station hosting Curtis Sliwa, and the two men are evidently fast friends.

I've always admired Mr. Giuliani, for in the 1980's he brought down mob boss John Gotti and associated persons. How fearless, tough, and smart he must have been to accomplish this, I always felt. Now, however, I must note my incredulity at how stupid this man has evidently become:  firstly, Mr. Giuliani continually uses language around the word "rat," used as a verb, as in, for example, "Nobody is saying you should rat on your neighbor." This man, who so notably fearlessly brought down the Gambino crime family, has now fully adopted the ugly language of the mob. Rat is long-time mob lingo, as presumably just about everyone knows, not least of whom is Mr. Giuliani.

Has Rudy obliviously traded his own vaunted prosecutorial history, for a profligate repeat viewing of Goodfellas? Or could this behavior comprise a latent symptom of presenile dementia? As a family caregiver for over twenty years now, I know that the earliest behavioral symptoms of dementia are insidious precisely because they are virtually indistinguishable from normal behavior. Only when the behavioral changes intensify will they begin to resemble distinctly odd or anomalous, and thus, identifiable activity.

Moreover, the former Mayor blathers on frequently about what a categorically exceptional president he considers Donald Trump! To hear his ardent approbation about President Trump, a man who is obviously one of the worst presidents and world leaders history has ever seen, is bizarre. I, myself, voted for Donald Trump--once. He will not get my vote again. But even as a Trump voter, it's not hard to see the stark and dangerous limitations of this man, of virtually every kind.

May 20, 2020 Wednesday About 4:35 pm

INTRODUCTORY FACT: I did not vote for Barack Obama.

As my beloved Father slid down the merciless descent into dementia his symptoms became discirnible, only later did I realize that there was an entire initial phase of deterioration that I missed, so subtle is its effects on behavior. Thus do I fear for Mr. Giuliani as I listen to him, now a radio talk-show host, reading advertisements for advertisers such as "Big John's Moving Company." From world-renowned New York City prosecutor--to this. What a fall from grace.

Today, in addition to the inability to think of the word "prescient," a failing that he acknowledged in real-time on-the-air, he said the following two things:

  1. He arrogantly mocked the fact of former President Obama declaring that he's electing to avoid attendance at an important event hosted by, or concerning, President Trump. I don't recall the event, asking this kind of question "Does he really think that President Trump cares if he doesn't attend?" This is nothing if not a stupid statement: Do we think that President Trump cares if former President Obama does not attend an important national event? President Trump SHOULD care if a formerc two-time United States President doesn't attend. He SHOULD care.

  2. In referring to corruption in the Ukraine, citing a particular politician widely understood to be extremely corrupt, he stated emphatically, really categorically, that "everybody knows" this figure to be corrupt, and he delineated what segments of society comprise "everybody," that the named politician is corrupt.

    A public indictment of this figure because "everybody knows" that he's corrupt.

    Do these sound like the words of a prosecutor?

    A jurist?

    An American citizen?

Is there no one, whether loved one or anyone else, to help shepard former Mayor Giuliani through his advancing years?

4:44 pm

Reminding me of the profligate, inappropriate insult continually coming from the mouth of Sliwa, "...this is the kind of jerk we have as a mayor," he just said of present Mayor of New York City Bill de Blasio.

446 pm, said: ...the man doesn't have an honest bone in his body. Not to say he's necessarily wrong about any of this. The point concerns how inappropriate personal attacks upon fellow politicians are, especially during this time of national, and indeed international, catastrophe. Of course, they're probably not helpful at any time. 450 pm: he just revealed that he uses wireless Kindle, stating that he loves Kindle because he can get a book in an instant, which I understand as true. So we now know that he likely has wireless signals penetrating his brain for some period of time each day or week. I might add that he also reads advertisements for Boomer company selling nano-silver face masks. Nanotechnology is a very new, and certainly unproven, technology. I actively avoid it in the products that I purchase. Mr. Giuliani evidently knows little about health.

1253 pm, just heard giul do the commercial again; i didnt relaize that the first part ofd the commercial has him intoning that we all wants protection from "...dangerous particles and bacteria." evdy the former mayor is too ignorant to know that it is precisely nanotechnological particles, because they are so tiny that they readily cross the blood-brain barrier, actually pose a danger--a serious one--themselves.

This is all part-and-parcel of what happens when commerce and ego informs matters of health and medicine.And one of many reasons that capm, which is the conduit for this kind of animation, must go.
556 pm Caller mentions that his daughter is home from school, andbrings home a history book by Howard Zinn, and he was looking through it. Mayor states that he has neevr heard of howard zinn, though asserts someting along the lines tat heas ' always loved history, as a student he loved history, etc. i knew of howard zinn about 40 years ago, a ppl's history of the united states benig hissignatunare work.

July 09, 2020


4:09 pm

Acknowledging that the Coronavirus is surging in certain parts of the country, Mr. Giuliani nonetheless just said that those who want to keep the country closed desire this to defeat President Trump.

4:15 pm

Giuliani is again passionately pontificating on the virtues of hydroxychloroquine, though all official medical authorities have renounced it not merely as ineffective, but potentially dangerous.




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