Consider Impeaching President Bush

Published:  October 11, 2006

President George W. Bush, in a flagrant and apparently catastrophic error, committed an overwhelming amount of American military and financial resource to a superfluous war, in Iraq. The fact of the United States being so thoroughly wrapped up in Iraq probably emboldened North Korea to conduct their very first test of nuclear weapons, thinking, correctly, that since almost our entire military was submerged in Iraq, we couldn't do anything meaningful about it.

Everyone agrees that while Saddam Hussein was a paper tiger in his threat potential to the United States, Kim Jong Il, considered irrational or unstable, poses a real and genuine threat--and now, because of the gross miscalculation by President Bush and his administration, Il is a threat with a nuclear weapon capability.

Moreover, President Bush has, and is, allowing Afghanistan--a genuine former center of terror--to slowly but steadily revert back to its former character. Thus is forming, in concert with the new terror-center of Iraq, a new and frightening bi-national axis of terrorism, posing a potentially huge renewed threat to U.S. and world peace.

We also see Iran now working with nuclear materials, in what many consider a troubling, related new development.

All things considered, then, this level of incompetence from the U.S. Commander-in-Chief and President, and in effect the leader of the free world, mandates serious consideration of impeachment, based on 1.) the possibility that his Iraq miscalculation and the consequent nuclear-weapon-enabling of North Korea, endangering the U.S., can be considered a "high crime," and 2.) the possibility that someone this incompetent could place this nation, and by extension the world, into even deeper jeopardy in the remaining period of his administration.

Thus, it is time we consider impeaching President George W. Bush. Arguably, he is a man who should never have been elected in the first place, not because of his ideological position, but because of his putative and profound ignorance in world affairs. The "chickens" of this abject lack of knowledge, clear during the presidential campaign of 2000 for those who followed the candidates, have now come home to roost, as we are forced to confront a new, extremely dangerous, and sadly and arguably preventable, potential nuclear crisis.

The President has about two years left in his administration; an impeachment might well run right up against the closing time boundary of his period in office. That is irrelevant however, as a peripheral, though important, reason to impeach him is to explicitly illustrate to future U.S. Presidents that flagrantly ill-conceived military or other major actions are unacceptable from every standpoint, and will not be tolerated.

Here is a related essay I wrote several years ago. You will see that it provides context and further detail on my declaration, above.


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