End Barbarism and Cruelty Toward Animals

Published:  March 2, 2017

There is no area of life or existence where it is so imperative that we rapidly cultivate behavior based on our "better selves," for as it stands, unbeknownst to most people, animals used for food, leather, fiber and other product production are treated despicably. The description Hell on Earth is actually not hyperbolic. The truth is, it's next-to-impossible to buy even a cruelty-free egg today.

Though animals used for food production feel pain, are usually sentient, and sometimes intelligent, they are literally and unnaturally turned into machines by the meat, egg, dairy, and leather and clothing industries, in a process of barbaric treatment and exploitation. Those unfit for this purpose are thrown out with the trash or otherwise discarded. The suffering of all these animals is as odious as it is unacceptable and unnecessary--a literal global holocaust. The answer is the universal adoption of the eating style called Veganism, or, a far more carefully planned and executed form of vegetarianism.

I was shocked to learn, however, that even vegetarianism is sometimes an inadequate response. In the egg industry, for example, male chicks cannot grow to be egg layers, and are of the wrong variety to be raised for meat, and are thus deemed of no "use." They are thrown out with the trash, usually after barbaric execution in a grinding machine while alive, in a process called maceration that lasts anywhere from several, to 20 or 30, seconds.

Another repugnant and utterly barbaric practice that has grown is that of eating live sushi, usually fish, shrimp, or similar animals, itself just one example of the larger practice of eating live animals of many kinds. If you think that we humans are cruel to each other--which we are--take a look at what we do to non-human animals. We should be traumatized and deeply ashamed at our own immorality, and livid at our stupidity.

I am not making any of this up. Please click one or both of the rectangular organization logos, below, to learn more and provide your desperately needed help. What you can start doing immediately, requiring not a single further word read or coin contributed, is:  get the animals off your plate, and patiently and respectfully encourage others to do the same.

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